Affiliate Marketing Add-On | Spinal Hygiene

$100.00 / month and a $575.00 sign-up fee


That sounds great, I can’t wait to build this for you!
Affiliate marketing features are powerful but they also add a lot of additional complexity to your website which isn’t covered by the “Commercial” tier that you are currently subscribed to, so you would need to upgrade to our “Enterprise” tier of service.
This would be an initial fee of $750 and an extra $100/month that would bring your regular monthly payment to $449/month. The initial fee is usually $1,500, but you had already paid $750 for our “Commercial” tier so that can be credited towards the upgrade.
For affiliate marketing we use this tool:
Your website will get features that will give doctors the ability to sign up as an affiliate, create affiliate URLs, track earnings, and get funds for referrals deposited to their paypal accounts. You’ll also get more features in the back-end that will help you track the success of each affiliate and manage the network. We will also work with you to design an affiliate program with the right features for success.


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