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Brand Identity Guide (B.I.G.)


$2,000 – half due upfront and half upon completion.
*Monthly payment pricing options are available after you sign up for our web design service.

For your brand I’ll want to include a few more logo variations than we normally would due to the MLM nature of your business. Specifically, I think we need a very flexible and recognizable set icon/symbol variations. In addition, your branding will require a good amount of market, industry, and competitor research.

What’s Included *examples are attached to this email

  • A custom designed logo with all of the necessary variations & file formats
  • Professionally matched typography
  • Professionally matched colors
  • Instructions for how to maintain consistency between print & web
  • Two rounds of revisions
    • For the first round we offer several different logo approaches, then you critique these examples so that we know which details you like & dislike.
    • For the second round we offer a couple more refined examples that match your feedback from the first review. After you pick one and let us know of any final tweaks you might want, we will go ahead and use the logo you picked as the direction for all of the necessary logo variations.
    • Additional rounds of revisions are rarely needed, but if you request more, we will start to charge hourly to cover this additional labor.



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