HoustonLandscaper.org 15-hour Fixed Quote | Payment 3 of 3


What This Time Included :

  • This includes All meetings (internally and with Natural Wonders)
  • Maintenance to keep the site up to date and ready to be handed over at any time
  • Actual dev work on the site
  • Content creation (logo work and digital art assets)
  • Launch procedures and migration




What You Are Paying For:
  • 24 hours(Total Hours We rounded down for you) – 7.5 hours (initial payment) = 16.5 hours
  • We going to remove an additional 2 hours for water and bathroom breaks that occurred over the course of several months. .5 hours of errors on our end that needed to be fixed.
  • You will be expected to pay for 14 hours of work @ $60 an hour
  • $810.00-210.00=$600


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